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Alaska has huge potential.

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My name is Sara Rasmussen, and I’m running in the Republican primary to represent Alaska’s 22nd District in the House of Representatives. Not only did I grow up in my district, but my husband Alex and I have chosen to raise our family here – we love it!

I’m running for State House for a few reasons.

First, I want to leave Alaska better than I found it.  It doesn’t matter who made messes in our state budget.  Sooner or later, we need people to step up, make the hard decisions, and fix it. This is, truly, the greatest place in the world, and we have a duty to utilize our state, our lands, our money, and our natural resources in a way that benefits Alaskans for generations to come.

Second, I’m confident that new taxes on families is a bad direction to go. Alaskans are already struggling to stay afloat in a stagnant economy. The last thing they need is more coming out of their paycheck. My opponent is a very nice guy, but he loves new taxes, and his voting record proves it.

Finally, I’m running because that road we’ve been kicking cans down has hit a dead end. We can’t avoid conversations about crime, taxes, or the PFD any longer. It’s do or die, and these problems won’t go away on their own. Let’s get back to our roots and let economics and reason – not politics – guide our legislative process.

I have enormous hope in the potential of Alaska and Alaskans. If we choose a new, positive direction, we can avoid some of the potholes we see down the road (pardon the pun).

Actually, we need to be sure we can fill in those potholes, too.

I want nothing more than the opportunity to earn your trust and support in this election. Together, I know we can make Alaska safe, solvent, and significant again. Let’s do it!




Alaska has challenges, but Alaskans are always up to the task. Let's find the solutions our state needs.

I'd like to hear from you on what you'd like to see in your next state representative. Please hit the button below to contact me and share your thoughts and ideas!


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I'm so excited to be running to represent my friends and neighbors in District 22. I would love to hear from you about some of the problems you've encountered, issues you'd like solved, and ways I can help to serve you better. Or, if you'd like to volunteer on the campaign, that would be super!

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